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Hi! I'm Vibha.

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience while working with people who are looking for conscious change in their lives, be it their appearance, their thoughts and beliefs or their communication and behavior. I have worked closely with individuals from various walks of life facilitating their life change and assisting them to gain confidence and reach their life goals through personality empowerment workshops, custom-made life coaching sessions and personal styling aspects. Over the years I have realized that “Style is a personalized representation of current fashion. “Knowledge is knowing what is in fashion and wisdom is in knowing what style works for you”.

I also think it is important to address what you are not. This helps one recognize all that you are and leaves the right avenues open for self expression and self projection.

My goal is to unfold many possibilities for individuals by enhancing their image through their self worth, inner confidence, making them self reliant and independent. I assist clients to create own personal life path and to live their most authentic lives. Eventually, helping them create a life that they don’t need a vacation from.

“Only humans have the capacity to willfully transform. BE HUMAN! ”

Our Mission

By empowering individual to develop to the level of their own potential, the mission of VRIC is to untap the best in you and to maximize your potential in the chosen field.

Dream → Act → Transform

Our Vision

To transform an individual’s entity to an extra ordinary identity.
To develop individual’s inner & outer beauty for their personal, relation and professional growth.
To make each phase of life special.


Vibha Image Consulting is a New Delhi based Image Makeover consultancy founded in 2009. We focus on Appearance, Behavior and Communication to tap your highest potential in your chosen field. We study the personality, the present life-style and the image you want to create for your future self.

We at VRIC prepare a holistic approach, customize our package and elevate you to the next level. We study the varied requirements as per your persona and prepare our offering to help bring forth your most authentic self.

We offer a range of services to the clients. Using our expertise, we have brought about a change in the lives of many professionals, home makers and people from all walks of life who are ready to acknowledge their true self. We work with team of professionals to provide the best in class service, catering to the requirements of the individuals and corporates viz-a-viz Wellness Consultants, Beauty Consultants, Nutritionist, Fitness Coach, Dermatologist, Gynecologist, Meditation & Yoga expert, Counselors, Past Life Regression Therapists, NLP experts, Soft skill trainers etc.

We believe in building relationships through trust and confidentiality. We have fine tuned our processes to serve you better, aligning your thoughts to your future goals bridge the gap between your wishes and goals through an action tight plan.

Our core values:
• Integrity,
• Confidence, and
• Performance.

Builds relationship
Builds Trust
Builds inspiration
Builds the bridge
Builds a water tight action plan.



Vibha is the founder of VR Image Consulting (VRIC). She comes with a vast experience of over twenty years as a Teacher, a counselor, healer, Wardrobe Consultant, Transformation and Relationship Coach, Public Relations Director and closely working on Human Resource Development.

She combines her knowledge and experience while working with people who are looking for conscious change in their lives. She has worked closely with individuals from various walks of life partnering with them in their journey and helping them evolve in the process

She is associated with various energy and healing modalities since the year 2000. She is a founder president of Aumtara Foundation, a registered trust to hold workshops and meet ups on spiritual subjects. She is a Certified Image Consultant from Academy of Image Mastery (AIM) and London Image Institute, a Certified Trainer for Corporate Etiquette, Fine Dining and International Protocol from Emily Post Institute (EPI), U.S.A. and Transformation Coach ODA ICF.

She is a Joint Managing Director, Fireball Group of Companies, President OSSIM (Orion School of Security & Intelligence Management).