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Individual Transformation program

“I didn’t change, I just found myself” - Vibha.

We begin with identifying your desired goal, thereafter map your path to achieve the same through covering issues related to reach the prospective success. These are tailor made sessions just for you. The ten one to one interactive sittings are to renew your thoughts resulting into effective action.

The ITP is the hallmark program with the history of 99% success reviews.

It is seen when we start unfolding the chapters of life, many unknown pieces pop up. We respect the confidentiality of every trust shared.

Before looking into the ways by which one can transform oneself to be the desired person or personality, a realistic self-analysis or attitude check needs to be done.

Build on your strengths:
In the process of achieving one’s desired objectives, one should try to build on one’s strengths. Try to surround yourself with people who can encourage you to achieve your goals and disengage from those who discourage you from achieving your dream.

Believe in yourself:
If one does not have self-belief, how can one expect others to believe in them? So, try to build on your self-confidence to live a fulfilling life.

You will receive:
Certification would be provided on completion of the courses

Vibha as a Relationship Coach

‘Renew’ your relationship with YOU!
‘Revive’ your relationship with your OTHERS!
‘Restore’ your equation with AROUND!

A pure ‘re-look’ at the paradigm with which I see myself, my relationships and my contributions in my life… a whole new being…this is what a true self- transformation is according to Vibha.

Vibha has been a transformational coach for the last two decades. Her engagements are such where she invites clients into a new way of being physically, emotionally and mentally.

Making people identify their ‘rapture’ and ‘sabotage’ points in their lives she creates a space where people themselves become the co-creators of their soul journey and thus letting their ‘true nature’ emerge. Her coaching process is experiential, intensive and engaging. Creating transformative optimistic shifts in the lives of people is of paramount importance to her.

Gifted with a healing voice she often gets referred to as the ‘talk therapist’ by each one who comes in contact with her.

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