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Individual Makeover

“Aptitude is what we can do, Attitude is how we plan to do it!”

For Her

Yes, we are emotional and we are strong enough to manage our emotions well.
Our clothing reflects our mood. We love to dress up, flaunt our jewelry, clothes, shoes, bags everything. And everything has grown over us through our moms, magazines, women we admire and women who we are envious of. It is rightly said ‘Men dress up for women and women dress up for women’

VRIC gets connected to your needs and wants, dos and donts’ and charts out your unique style.
‘Express yourself through style’.
Connect with us for group as well as individual sessions.
Gift your friend a coupon for style consultation

Services for her:
1. Appearance
2. Styling
3. De-code, declutter, detox and re-design
4. Shopping assistance

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For Him

I am the performance. For me, work and success in work exudes confidence. I am the provider.
I am goal oriented and radiate perfection through work. I am the doer.
VRIC provides you the space to develop and improve in style.
Know what suits you more to make a powerful appearance and presence.
Well groomed men are well received and stay strong.

We tell you your dressing style, to be a classic host, to hold your pride with positive and appropriate communication, from your hair to shoes and collars to cuff links we adorn you with your very own personal style which make heads turn to have the second glance of you.

Perform in style!
‘Your smile is your logo
Your personality is your business card
How you leave others feeling after an interaction
Becomes your trademark’

Services for him:
1. Appearance
2. Styling
3. Wardrobe
4. Shopping Assistance

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