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My journey of being an Image consultant

Born in a family of journalists and teachers, thinking more than just what is visible through was never enough. The conversations circled around many facets of life and living. There was an issue larger than ourselves which led the thread of the talks.

Yes, my upbringing carved me what I have become today. I saw people pouring in our home to seek guidance or a mere sharing. We connected many people from different backgrounds. I heard and overheard the encouraging transactions. I saw transformations happening. I don’t know exactly when I started replicating the same and how I became the confidante to my friends and family.

I realized various aspects of personality during my involvement in work in different places. My introduction to various healing modalities made me understand the connect between the thought and the action. I valued walking the talk. Learning to talk and walk.

I started holding personality enhancement workshops, where we worked on how and what to think to be confident and courageous to lead a life worth living.

I believe nothing is co incidental and it was confirmed when I landed up in Hongkong for the Image consulting course within 10 days of my first time hearing the term.

During the course I learned, reconfirmed and savored each and every information, knowledge and experience shared.

Eureka! It was me. I loved dressing up my friends, the behavior always caught my attention and the words spoken made me think and feel.

Now, I was doing exactly what I loved to do. I was working on appearance, behavior and communication on my clients, guiding and coaching them to grow bigger. Through them I grew.

It is here for the last 9 years my work made me get in touch with people from all walks of life, working on their personal and professional growth with focused objective to assist them to reach their desired goal image. The image they dreamt of themselves. The introduction they heard themselves saying and hearing it for them in dreams. The prefixes before their name they wanted people to address with. Their image they so wished in others’ perception.

I know each client is helping me to grow and gain in building me, my image.

The journey goes on…..