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Corporate and group styling

VRIC has years of experience in offering professional image training to corporate professionals who interact daily with companies and institutions, working on the image as a strategic lever of communication.

VRIC has collaborations with other professionals from other industries , offering tailor-made solutions to reach specific goals and objectives.


From top management to mid level employees, from front office to commercial businesses: a coherent image in line with the company’s goals concerns everyone. The covered topics in these interactive sessions are as under:

• Professional Dress Code
• Business Etiquette
• Verbal and non-verbal communication
• Relationship Management
• Public Speaking
• Communication skills
• Leadership Skills
• International Protocol
• One-to-one Training in sync with the Company’s profile
• Uniform Designing


The real business card for companies is the people who interact directly with the customer; therefore it becomes imperative to invest in these resources to improve customer experience:

• First and second level hospitality
• Gesture, language, and keywords
• Story telling
• Advice to customers
• Art of up- selling
• Improve customer loyalty
• After sale service

For Retail brands- Right guidance to the Store Assistant with the tools and technical expertise that smooth the progress of sales and improves customer service:

• Color Analysis
• Facial and figure analysis
• Style analysis
• Wardrobe shopping and management techniques

Image Consulting techniques are an indispensable tool for fashion brands and beauty professionals and for those who want to provide their clientele with professional and state-of-the-art transformational services:

• Make Up Artists
• Hair Stylists
• Beauticians
• Image Consultants
• Personal Shoppers
• Stylists

All courses are tailor-made to meet the needs of the company and can be adapted into group activities or even conducted in one-to-one meetings.

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