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15th APRIL 2015
Becoming of you!

As a kid I saw my mom and aunts drapped in sarees, my mom’s long black hair rolled neatly into a bun, red dot shining bright in the middle of her forehead.

That was the fashion in 60s and 70s in India. The fashion changed then too as an impact from western influence. The broad pants to different dresses as we see in the movies. In India it was mostly traditional attires as India was still finding in its lost identity as a new born independent baby. Today, the young mothers have shifted to comfortable dressing in Indian suits or pants/jeans. The trends of fashion change faster than earth orbiting sun.

Fashions have always been there and fashions will change with every season. Amidst of the rise and fall of the fashions, bit by bit each one of us develop our own style.

At first probably we copy someone close to us or who inspires us and unintentionally we start following everything about that person. The words, the clothes and the style of dressing, everything starts growing on us.

It is here we identify ourselves with a certain personality, start following them, knowingly and unknowingly, want to become them and now the twist emerges…

Are we truly becoming and finding your very own style identity?
Are we blindfolded by fashion and follow it come what may?
Do we know of what we become of, other person or yourself?

Its good to identify your very own personality, your perception of your image, your body structure and your very own likes and dislikes to gradually build your own personal style. You segregate who you are not and who you choose to be. You emerge in your uniqueness. Your style becomes you.


19th SEPTEMBER 2016
D-Clutter your wardrobe

Q. We have so many clothes and some of them are just not used. I get so confused what to wear. Please help me out.

We usually wear 80% of our 20% of clothes in our clothes that’s why we are confused in what to wear.
A. Rotate your clothes, simple way is to put the lower pile on top
B. pack your overused clothes and zip them in the suitcase for next 3 months

Q. Sometimes I feel I should give away but still stop myself as I am emotionally attached to them. How do I get rid of this situation

A. Segregate the clothes with whom you are highly attached to
B. Pack them in separate bags away from your daily closet
C. Circulation of your clothes to your very near and dear ones if you still feel you can

Q. How to D-clutter my wardrobe?

A. Call a style consultant/ or a trusted friend
B. Recognizing and identifying
C. Separate / segregate and filter
D. Season change is the best opportunity to de clutter
E. Distribute /Donate/ Dump